Thinking Is Only Outside The Box
whereas thoughts are inside.

Imagine a box full thoughts that we carry around with us; it’s our ‘workings’. Heavy, isn’t it? Thinking is whatever is relevant to us right now and comes to the forefront of our minds, lying on top of the box, which is like a table.

When the thoughts are laid out on this ‘table’, we can see clearly and sort through them to see if they join up or not. If they make sense, we can do something. If they don’t, then we need more information. Trying to join up the thinking with the thoughts in the box can and does confuse our thinking. We need a fresh eye for eurekas!

Most beings are driven by the contents of their box (mind) that were created when very young. It’s our character that we carry around with us. We spend our life repeating everything that’s in the box. We meet someone and we show them our box, and they show us theirs. Boring, isn’t it? 😀

When we work from outside the box, we become a more pliable character, and we might even seem ‘awkward’. We may, unintentionally, make others feel uncomfortable as they only work from within the box which is their set pattern. This is why it is sometimes difficult to talk to people. Boxes are a barrier.

Thinking is reasoning, and reasoning can make us depressed, angry and frustrated as we keep referring to the internal box that we think we are supposed to carry around. These symptoms show intelligence. We find ourselves unhappy, and this is the beginning of waking up to enlightenment, our natural state.

What is relevant at the moment is recognising that whatever is in the box is karma. When we take the contents out and lay them on top of the box – the table of all possibilities – and see with clarity, those contents – our karma – now become our teacher.

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