Our Mind Is The True Buddha

It is the very essence of our mind that is the true Buddha. Whether the contents of our mind feel depressed, irritated, angry, confused, elated, happy, dull … the essential pure nature of our mind is Buddha; enlightened, pure consciousness, God.

Who are we to believe? What sort of ‘package’ are we looking for? Someone in robes, on a throne? Someone with a long beard perhaps, or bald and smiling? Teachings given in a church, temple or gompa? Something that gives us a feeling of authority? Do we want this to feel exclusive? Do we feel safe in our ‘package’? If we have our ‘package’, then what do we feel about others’ ‘packages’?

The essence of mind is right here, right now.
We are, in truth, the essence of mind!
We are what we have always been looking for.

Thinking we cannot find it,
we look elsewhere.

Spiritual Packages
As humans we buy into packages. We follow the crowd – ou rcrowd. We join a group, a class, a school of thought; we become a type. As we are humans who seek our spiritual essence, we enter the realm of spiritual traditions.

If we join a spiritual group, we have to accept the complete programme. Every spiritual group comes with certain distinctions which separate it from other spiritual traditions, and a disassociation occurs. That, in itself, gives rise to elitism and a subtle pressure to conform, because every tradition comes with a modus operandi – a method of procedure through quiet persuasion, which is the routine of that particular group.

These differences are additions to the primary, essential teaching and are generally a cultural matter. In belonging to the package, we have to accept these.

In the beginning, this is an excellent foundation as it gives us something to work with. This ‘package’, however, can quickly become luggage. It’s like meeting a person for the first time; we are open and responsive but then, after just seeing, we start looking and judging. At this point, we either try to fit in or realise that we cannot.

People wear their luggage heavily, and so do spiritual groups. It’s good to get glimpses of others’ paths until we settle for what suits our temperament, but we need to be aware that this could make us lazy as we may find ourselves going along just to be entertained or to get a fix.

Gradually, we realise that all spiritual traditions say the same thing – just in different ways. It is the essence of a teaching that is of primary importance.

Unwrap the package and realise
that all contents are empty of true existence.

The only reality is what looked into the package!
We have been Buddha all along.

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