Surpass Your Self

Your self is a collection of ideas about who you think are you. The strange thing is – you can see you! You cannot be what you see, can you? So who or what is you? This is the true quest for self realisation; enlightenment.

The ideas we hold about ourselves are engraved in the mind – in modern terms, the brain’s wiring of neurons and synapses. That is the graven image! This inner behaviour is observable: push our button and off we go into our routine.

Who or what is the observer that is seeing this charade?

It is pure consciousness, empty of contaminated personality. There is just seeing, without holding on or claiming. It is holding on that causes us pain, because this self is worshipping an image of itself, which is the golden idol.

This is a Buddhist way of looking at the first three commandments of the old testament. When we stop worshipping our self, we are free – free in the moment of seeing. Our self is surplus to requirements as it holds us – and those around us – imprisoned. Clever devil!

Make no other gods before me.
Do not make for yourself a graven image to bow down to.
You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.”

Don’t just worship pure consciousness:
be it.

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