Dropping The Past

The past is only in our mind, and so is the future. This is such a simple truth that we miss it at every moment, and this is why we live in a painful fantasy of illusions.

The past is full of pain, and we hope that the future will be better. That is wishful thinking. In truth, there is only the freshness of now. That is the ultimate reality.

As consciousness refines, what was thought to be ultimate truth, wasn’t. The joy of now is the simplicity of freshness.

We have a long past and, in carrying it around, it only gets heavier. The now is only light!

The past is now,
and the future is now.
There is only now.

Even though there are thousands of teachings,
they all come down to one:
the spontaneous presence of now.

What a relief!
No more guilt.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Of course our present mind set
    will blame our past mind set
    for our present mind set.

    We forget that our past mind set
    was conditioned by a previous mind set
    and so on.

    We have to drop it all at some point.
    Why not now!


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