Difficult Students

Some cannot follow blindly as they need to know why.
Difficult students should make teachers better teachers.

Authentic spiritual teachings are not to be merely repeated and accepted: these teachings are practical methods to investigate the nature of reality and bring an end to the suffering of humanity – and all sentient beings. These precious teachings instruct us how to realise that the difficulty in which we find ourselves is an illusion, however real it may feel.

Spiritual teachings have to address life as it is now, for each individual. They’re definitely not about hoping people just follow along and ‘get it’. The Dharma is a practical method to clear away the confusion of the culture in which actually we find ourselves. It is about now, for all beings.

Teachings about consciousness are meant to bring an end to suffering for each and every one of us at whatever level we find ourselves, once we acknowledge that we’re having a difficult time with life.

A very difficult student.

PS Thank goodness nothing lasts! 😀

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