What Is Consciousness Conscious Of?

This question deals with and illustrates the type of restricted world in which we find ourselves. Most of the time, we are aware of our environment and what we are doing in it – but we forget about the awareness or consciousness itself. We just use consciousness as a tool to get what we want. From a conventional point of view, this sounds fine and we live our lives accordingly: we work, have a family and then die … but we all think at some time, “Surely there must be more to it than this?!”

Here, we come back to the question, “What is consciousness conscious of?” We forget that consciousness comes first. Before we are aware of some thing, awareness or consciousness is already present. It is this that we ignore.

When we investigate this through meditation, we become aware that we are, in fact, consciousness itself. The deeper we go, we more we realise that this consciousness is all that there is, and it is, in reality, pureconsciousness. That is pretty wow! We have just stepped outside conventional thinking … wow! We are free of those restricted assumptions … wow!

When we talk about freedom, this is the freedom we should be seeking, rather than being free to do whatever we want. That sort of freedom leads to suffering as it promotes desire and fear.

Religions and spiritual practices are but reminders or inspirations – ortheyshould be. There is absolutely no magic or mystery in words, images, or sounds. The magic is resting in pure consciousness: that is where everything begins and ends. If we believe that there is magic in the words, images or sounds themselves, then we are restricted because the effect is only psychological. It’s a play in the mind, like a toy. Experiences are playthings that imitate reality.

Being free means being free of everything. The question now is, “Has our life moved towards the toys or reality?” Worship is either a reminder, or a trap of spiritual materialism that is difficult to get out of!

Realising reality – or pure consciousness – re-freshes our view of life.
We can then play with all the toys, knowing that they are toys.

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