Inspiration Is Blessing

Inspiration is blessing,
but be aware.

Inspiration usually comes from someone we have seen or heard about, or something we have seen, read or heard. It connects to a certain quality within, so the blessing is re-cog-nised.

This is what is known as outer blessing creating a feeling of confidence, but we notice that we can start to rely on this outer inspiration and that can become ‘sticky’. To be honest, these blessings may be either divine inspiration or demonic inspiration depending on our predisposition, so we have to be aware of our motivation, as like attracts like. Until enlightenment, we will swing both ways.

We have to be honest about how we see life, and what motivates us. If it’s truth we seek, then we will see life one way, whereas if we seek self-aggrandisement, then we will see life another way. Both ways are, in fact, spiritual because we are talking about consciousness; pure compassionate consciousness or common, self-interested consciousness. In truth, we are a little of both – and that is the key to progress.

We all know where common, self-interested consciousness leads – to confusion and misery – and unfortunately, most accept this as a way of life. We read about confusion and misery in the news and we are addicted to it. It becomes our entertainment. That is demonic forces at work, blessing anyone who believes anything.

On the other hand, when we talk about divine inspiration, that true wisdom is what we are … wisdom itself. Once we have connected to the outer inspiration of purity in some form, then something truly inspiring happens; genuine inner inspiration and true, unshakeable confidence. When we realise that our reality is just pure consciousness, then that is our inner teacher conversing with the outer teacher of all phenomena. Any disturbance (in the pure force!) is clearly seen and we no longer just react. The mind has become tame. The mirror and its reflection are one.

Now, demonic forces cannot become anything other than our ally.
Ally: to bind together without separation.

All blessing are now good blessings.

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