Opinions Can Turn Into Addictions

and addictions ruin lives.

It’s a shock to recognise addiction,
but understanding this upgrades consciousness.

There is a connection between plain seeing and becoming an addict or a fundamentalist. Fundamentalism usually has a religious connotation that indicates unwavering attachment to a set of irreducible beliefs but, as each of us sticks to our ideas, we can say that we are all fundamentalists in one way or another, which is sobering.

We have to judge in order to survive and, from that position, we form an opinion at the level of our understanding. This judgement arises after pure consciousness and recognition, pure consciousness being our state of empty cognisance from which everything originates. Recognition is memory – we re-cognise.

If we hold on to that judgement or opinion, we become ‘opinionated’, and the process has moved on to addiction. This is similar either to being drunk or being a drunkard: one is a temporary state, and the other is a lifestyle. All the ideas we hold on to have the very same effect, and this is how humans become addicted to a subject, the first being our ‘self’.

‘Self’ is a mental projection that constantly relates to everything, creating its own story. Actually, it’s no different from others’ stories, as we all base our existence on ideas gleaned from others’ ideas. It is because of this weakness and gullibility that we can be controlled by being tempted into further addiction, and we end up in a very dark place.

Meditation is the method of cutting through our addiction to a self image held together by thoughts. It frees us, whereas addiction to thoughts will freeze us. 😀

In the first instant when we see, hear, touch, smell or taste, there are no thoughts, judgements or opinions. There is no addiction, but then we quickly refer to memory for safety, and our programmed mechanism starts up. Being bound is being religious: we become fixated – even being right, we can still be fixated – and chug along our usual grooves.

Pure seeing is freedom from an addicted you.
Focus on the moment now, and there you really are!


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