How Is Life Our Spiritual Teacher?

There are two aspects to life: one is the material-mental world which is impermanent, and the other is the reality that is aware of this material-mental world.

That which is observed
and that which is observing.

In the material-mental world, there are many spiritual teachers, but they are only a reminder of what to look for. The teaching is a generalisation, rather than the actuality. Neither the teacher nor the words are the reality; our pure experience is. Don’t even take any Buddha’s word for it. In this way, we find the nowness – the uniqueness for this age – to express this universal reality.

Whatever occurs in life reveals our reactions and beliefs that obscure the reality within. This is why we should be grateful and – most of all – happy with life. The life in which we exist is a product of our past. All those little decisions that we made built up to this moment, and all those reactions that build up are our karma.

Whatever occurs, go gently … 😀

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