Don’t Mistake Information For Intelligence

Likewise, don’t mistake teachings on consciousness for realisation.

We act on information:
intelligence sees the act.

We do not become wise through information. We become wise through the experience of testing and, to test, we need clear unbiased seeing, unfettered by ideas.

We become wise through raw experience, raw data*, lateral thinking; “What is it?”

We become programmed through acquired second-hand information, vertical thinking; “It is this!”

We can either survive in a programmed world, or play in a programmed world. Wisdom is understanding the joy in every moment. If we take life too seriously, we miss out on joy. Enjoying every moment means accepting hot or cold as just pure experience, where we do not have an opinion about it and can simply either put a jumper on, or take it off.

The senses do not think as they merely convey experience: seeing, hearing etc doesn’t mean we are thinking. Thinking happens in the mind and is our interpreter, while we – pure consciousness – merely watch this interpreter at work. The wisdom of pure consciousness can never be destroyed, but merely distracted.

Information is not realisation.
Realisation is total experience.

Through the wisdom of empathetic experience,
we realise compassion.

This why the Buddha said,
“Do not take my word for it; test it for yourself.”


*’Raw data’ is data that has not been processed for use. 

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