Conscious Communication, Or Just Noise?

Consciousness is our true inner state; the intelligence centre. It is concerned with the practicalities of maintaining a conscious life, one that can investigate the nature of reality scientifically through meditation = uncontaminated seeing!

The ‘noise’ is the chattering interference that wants yet another song, game, possession, party, book on the history of ‘noise’ … and has nothing to do with conscious intelligence.

For this reason, true communication is so rare. If we want entertainment, we only need to look more closely at whatever we’re doing thinking and saying – which is amusing when we know that we are so much more than chatter.

Chatter: To imitate; incessant childish, meaningless or unimportant talk.

We are conscious beings
– all worthy of veneration –
who can laugh at our own stupidity
rather than that of others.








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