If We Don’t Meditate, We Will Never ‘Get It’

Understanding reality isn’t an intellectual exercise;
it is pure experience in the stillness of the mind.
Absolute stillness is pure consciousness.

Our reality is never in our thinking.

The more we meditate,
the more constant our natural reality.

If we don’t bother with meditation,
we become dumb animals,
only looking for their next pleasure.

Meditation reveals the meaning of life,
and how amazing and fully worthwhile it truly is.

There is no walking in the air,
but just the satisfaction of understanding
this and that.

In stillness, we are absolute consciousness.
In speech, we are relative consciousness.

Isolation is to rest in peaceful sanity.
We can either consent to isolation where we are in control,
or resent isolation and lose control.

As a practitioner, isolation makes no changes to life.

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