Bewilderment And Panic Create Stress

We may never know the cause of something, but we can see and feel the effect – stress. It doesn’t matter whether a scenario originated from ignorance or intention, we see the effects all around us. Once we acknowledge the effect, we can dismantle it.

If we can’t stand back and acknowledge all possibilities, we will adhere to one side or another, and this will only serve to build bias and confusion, causing more damage than the original scenario.

Stress affects both the mind and body, using up precious energy. When our mind and body over-react, we become stressed and ill. Stress is a serial killer as it is contagious. If our days are filled with stress, the hormones in our body direct us towards fight (desire), flight (fear) or freeze (confusion). When we’re stressed, we are toxic both to ourselves and to those around us.

Stress hormones overload our immune system, shutting it down. We all have disease, parasites, viruses and bacteria in our bodies, but a good immune system can deal with this naturally. Dis-ease causes disease.

Our natural state is calm abiding. We heal stress through understanding and acknowledging reactions. Meditation is the method by which we recognise stress and wanderings in the mind, thus enabling us to cut through thoughts and release the body’s reflexive behaviour that comes from the mind’s habitual patterning.

When we’re under stress, we are less intelligent because we are more reactive. All media creates division and stress; people are stirred up, and the ‘subtle body’ reacts. If we become caught up in the fear-and-hope cycle of existence, we can end up taking pills, and that shuts down our life.

Stress happens because we ignore
our true reality of unconditional love.
When we take sides, we lack love.

By making do and mending,
we de-stress ourselves, and those around us.

Love clears the way for clarity.
Clarity clears the way for love.

We can either start from right intention
or from right understanding.

Don’t become part of any hysteria.

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