Silent Awareness

For some, the idea of emptiness or purity is obscure; it’s too far away, beyond them … which it is! 😀 

‘Silent awareness’ is just another phrase for pure consciousness, or empty cognisance. We are inner beings of silent awareness. We perceive through a body of senses. In the very first instant of smelling, tasting, hearing, touching or seeing, silent awareness is present before any identification or judgement, and remains non-conceptual. We just open the door and look out … !

The mind is then scanned for information formed through experience, and it is then that thoughts are created, and we express those thoughts. Through this familiar behaviour, habitual patterning is set up and concepts are moulded.

This is where scanning the mind can become distorted. Instead of scanning for deeper insights, we overlay perception with fixed ideas and become stuck in predictable reactions. Our fixed ideas may be smart, but without skilful empathy, they remain reified, cemented in concepts. This also applies to spiritual and philosophical jargon: instead of empathising with the situation or person in front of us, we spout dogma. 

By staying in silent awareness, we can review the situation, waiting for insight to bring about clarity rather than merely conforming to type. We aren’t trying to be modern psychologists who want to bring us (or the situation) back to conventional ‘normal’: we are searching for the inspiration to uplift.

Of course, we may find that inspiration – which is our eureka – but it may still not penetrate another’s matrix-fixations. 😀 Been there, done that, still doing it! It is here that we need to scan the mind again in order to find the words to explain how we arrived at this eureka, so that it makes sense to another. That is empathy. 

The more we are introduced to raw experiences,
the more our empathy.

Still, there’s no guarantee of success. 
Maybe silence is golden.

Silent awareness
allows another time to scan.

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