Taking Liberties

Taking away freedom?
We give it away!

Liberty: the state of being free within society  from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s behaviour or political views.

Taking liberties: To tell lies and deceive people.

We allow our freedom to be taken away because we do not recognise our true nature of pure consciousness. Consciousness can never be enslaved; it can only be distracted, and that is done through games in our minds. ‘Mind’ is our ideas within consciousness. Through society, education and the media, we are made to believe that we are this body and mind, and this is reinforced daily; “Look at me, and what I’m doing”.

We give away our freedom through self-admiration. If society, education and the media are not talking about the reality of consciousness, their agenda is about deception. We need some education to survive as humans in this confused world, but we don’t have to believe that this is all there is.

Self-realisation is about liberating consciousness from the mind, rather than the mind confining consciousness. 

The mind is what we acquire.
Consciousness is what we are. 

The essence of consciousness is 
silent awareness that is the actual knowingness.

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