Life Is Both Totally Inspiring And Totally Challenging

Many have looked to the European intelligentsia of the 60s and 70s, and found what they said to be incomplete. This is why some of us turned to the east, and discovered what we were looking for – and it became apparent that those intelligentsia took their ideas from the east; the seat of wisdom.

Language is a metaphor for experience. Depending on the level of experience, the meaning of words changes. Words are second-hand knowledge, and sticking to those words literally will inhibit experience. Wisdom is genuine, direct experience, and realisation ensues. This has to be tried and tested.

We have every right to choose our path to understanding. 
Mixing paths (metaphors) can be detrimental to personal progress. 

I only talk from a Buddhist point of view, and from my own experience as that makes sense to me. With realisation, we no longer talk of what so-and-so said; we talk from experience.

Theory entertains the mind. We become the audience watching Plato’s shadow images on the wall of the mind.
Theory: via late Latin from Greek theōria ‘contemplation, speculation’, from theōros ‘spectator’.

There comes a time when we have to drop all theories and see for ourselves, rather than believing someone else’s version. Buddhism isn’t about theories: it is about direct experience. Not what to look for, but the realisation of the seeing itself. Once we see that, everything else is a distraction on which we fixate.

For me, Buddhism is practical, and reveals the point of life.
Life is both totally inspiring … and totally challenging.

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