Accepting Others’ Limitations Is Love

Accepting others’ limitations is love.
Seeing others’ limitations is compassion.
Feeling others’ limitations is empathy.
Taking advantage of others’ limitations is selfishness.
Conditioning others’ limitations is evil.

Limitations = suffering.

Love is blind to limitations as it sees through all the conditioning. Love knows others’ true reality, and that those limitations have no inherent existence. Limitations are imposed by those who know that limitations have no reality, and are just a belief.

Love = pure consciousness.
Love is beyond limits.

The way we think about others reveals how we think.
Our problem is that we easily adapt to conditioning!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Very true

    • tony says:

      It takes a long time to realise this, because it was we who have been waiting for others to accept us.

      Once we realise this isn’t going to happen, because people cannot cope with their lives, all competitiveness drops away.

      They become our teacher on the subject of love.

      It’s a funny old world when we turn it upside down. 😀


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