The Levels Of Realisation

The levels of realisation
eliminate the levels of doubt.
Doubt causes confusion.

Even though we may hear the teachings on absolute truth and agree, this does not mean that we know it at every level. How much confidence do we have? How much empathy do we have for others whom we may find disagreeable? How much is our compassion a sham? How often do we turn away from non-conformists? How many times do we listen without judgement?

We must test our confidence, empathy, compassion, ability to listen, judgement and skilful wisdom; many people who think they ‘know’ actually have little empathy or confidence.

The more advanced practices are right under our nose; they’re not related to how much we chant. Realisation is personally realising something, and there is nothing as joyous as realising our faults or misunderstandings, as this is how we change for the better.

Never copy others –
they could just be acting.

Never trust your self –
it could be acting too.

Trust pure seeing, pure consciousness,
and remain happy,
whether conditions are pleasant or unpleasant.

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