Don’t Become Spiritual

Don’t become spiritual;
this is the elephant in the room.

The phrase, “elephant in the room”, refers to something which is obvious to everyone, but is deliberately ignored because, to do otherwise, would cause great embarrassment. It seems that all spiritual groups, traditions and teachers ignore this behaviour of ‘acting spiritual’.

We are already the essence or spirit of pure consciousness, and to apply a ‘good look’ on top of that is to apply a clown’s make-up – and it’s a bit scary. That is the elephant in the room.

Pure consciousness is our normal, original state. When consciousness forgets its purity, it falls into the trap of being something else, which causes confusion in our mind and, as a result, we live in a false reality.

Empathy is the acknowledgement that we are all on the same ship of fools. We are nothing special – we’re just human beings with hang-ups, who are learning to disembark.

Spiritual seekers will remain separated until they take responsibility for caring about everyone, unconditionally.

The Buddha said,
“Don’t take my word for it; see for yourself.”

Ordinary folk can realise absolute truth.
The Buddha was ordinary, as he saw that everyone is Buddha nature.

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