The End Of Their World

The end of their world,
and the beginning of ours.

This world has been led by others’ beliefs, since history was recorded. Our true world of absolute reality is pure consciousness, a world of knowing beyond physical limitations, rather than a set of beliefs. Beliefs make people dependent, divided, dissatisfied and confused, and this confusion has done a ‘good’ job for evil intent to control humanity.

People are waking up to the incompetence of historical global manipulations. Throughout history, humanity has been exploited into adopting belief systems and servility. Naturally-occurring events are exaggerated, creating conflict after conflict so that they could claim, “It’s nothing to do with us!”

When the pot is stirred violently,
the contents becomes agitated, and panic ensues.
When we panic, we have lost.

In the past few years, everything has been thrown at us; it’s a long list to make us feel inadequate and at fault. How did this happen? The real money in psychology lies in corporate and governmental fields.

The previous ‘Dark Age’ was from the 5th to the 14th century, and lasted 900 years. This timeline lies between the end of the Roman Empire and the Renaissance, and was called the ‘Dark Age’ because many suggest that this period saw little scientific and cultural advancement.

Nowadays, we have the opposite, with massive exposure to scientific experimentation and cultural manipulations. Are people happier? Has science and culture enriched us or made us more dependent?

This is the beginning of the end of another dark age, which is all too obvious. As long as we do not re-enact conflict, change will occur. Before a wound can heal, it has to be opened up and investigated to clean it and apply the remedy, and that can be painful. Reactions will seem to get worse because we’re noticing more, and people can panic to maintain their hold. This is the effect of globalist ego-clinging.

The same actually happens in meditation.
Our thoughts and emotions seem to get worse.
They’re not – we are just noticing more!
So cheer up 🙂

Every time perception refers to memory – what we read and are led to believe – we become stuck in the old ways, and learn nothing new. Pure consciousness is always now, and is the clarity needed to see for ourselves directly, and realise that whatever was hidden is now revealed. We are not Jack or Jill; we are pure consciousness and have always been so. They didn’t want you to know this – their dark freedom, their domain, depends on it.

Cheer up.
Knowing is the reason to be cheerful!
Meditation is merely being aware – purely aware –
without fixating on old memories, which are our traumas.

This is a personal revelation.

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