Stop Looking For Enlightenment

Stop looking for enlightenment:
looking is facing in the opposite direction.

That which is looking is already enlightened; it is pure consciousness. That is what we actually are, but this has to be uncovered through the practical practice of facing our obsessions that obscure pure seeing. This is same as seeking happiness which, on investigation, relies on the ‘right’ conditions, when our true being is already unconditionally happy – a happiness that doesn’t rely on conditions.

Even in spirituality, we can be materialistic,
always attached to the trimmings.

Complete enlightenment has no karma, no residue of opinions, no bias or side. Through an honest understanding of this, we can gauge how we are doing. We can, through our conduct, have empathetic compassion for others while still experiencing a residue of the past. This is the practical way to establish and gain confidence in our true reality. No karma means no rut 🙂

If we are seduced by the spectacular, interesting and clever, we have entered the realm of Mara, a subtle, demonic existence. This realm knows our heart’s desire, and turns it into mind’s desires.

When we know the complete truth,
we know who isn’t telling the complete truth.

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