Compassion Is Responsibility That Challenges Old Brain

Compassion is the result of understanding our true reality, which understands our old ideas. Empathy is the measure of understanding. If we haven’t seen the effect of trauma on our life, how can we help others? Trauma can be extremely subtle; statements such as “Be a good boy/girl” and “Do as you’re told” shape our fears and hopes, which can have tremendous consequences in later life.

It doesn’t matter how learned we think we are or how high our practice is, unconditional compassion includes everyone. It’s not limited to some material or spiritual ideology.

Empathetic compassion realises that we all learn at different rates,
and have limited ability to cope.

Compassion negates arrogance.
Arrogance negates compassion.

Compassion has consequences.
A lack of compassion has consequences.

Whether we sit on a high throne or an ordinary cushion,
we all have old brain to deal with.
Old brain = self.

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