Being On Top Of The World

Being on top of the world is knowing what drives everything and everyone. We are surrounded by negative emotions of likes & dislikes, pleasant & unpleasant, hopes & fears, attraction & repulsion; these forces can either drive us insane, or lead to wisdom and enlightenment. How? In the very first moment of perception, consciousness is pure and clear, unencumbered by ideas, memories, judgements and fixations – “The eyes in our head see the world spinning round.”

When stepping out of our front door – and before we decide whether it is warm or cool – there has to be just perception present. That moment, ever now, is pure consciousness. That is our home, our sane space.

This knowledge of consciousness is neutral, and just is. No one created it. Neutral knowledge can either lead us to want to rule the world (and we can all see that in action) or, through meditation, can transcend knowledge into wisdom and compassion, where we realise that we are already on top of the world 😀

This is the secret of being happy in unhappiness, although the results of karma still have to be exhausted. We don’t need pleasure in life: we need a purpose, and that is knowing the truth about everything.

The secret:
three negative emotions of desire, aversion and ignorance bind us.
These, in truth, are the three wisdoms
of emptiness, consciousness and compassion that free us.

First moment = emptiness.
Second moment = judgement.
Third moment = always refer to the first moment 🙂

Rather than judging, imposing and destroying,
we see and accommodate.
That is wisdom.

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