We Live In A Psychological Trap

We live in a psychological trap of beliefs, accepting everything without proof. We use the word ‘believe’ as if it means ‘to know’, and that is the trap. If we believe, we don’t know.

Most of us don’t question what we believe precisely because those around us believe and, in this way, we all conform like a religion.

When we emulate others, we can become competitive, trying to be ‘holier than thou’. It’s bonkers, crazy, insane … it’s the collective trap.

We know intuitively there is more to us but unfortunately, we settle for whatever comes along for some sense of limited security.

Does the media treat us like children?
Do spiritual teachers treat us like children?
Do we want to please and get attention?
This is the trap for consciousness.

To break out of this entrapment, we have to realise what we know intuitively through meditation.
The only reality is knowingness, awareness, consciousness. That is what we are. It is our starting point – but there is more! This reality is uncontaminated by elaborations. It’s pure, and it’s outside the trap. All we have to do is recognise, and we’re out!

We realise the trap isn’t real.
We play our part within the trap,
without believing in it.

Never believe you know.

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