Most People Do Not Want To Know

Most people do not want to know the truth of what they are as they think they know already – but we have been told whatever we think we know.

It is amazing that, when alternative facts are presented, most seem to turn the other way. Maybe they cannot see two sides at the same time? Considering why this might be, we can only assume that people fall hook, line and sinker for an easy story, an easy life, a life of dependency. For so many to fall for the same easy story shows how vulnerable we are.

Why is this? We are primed at birth to believe everything we are told. Once we learn a few songs or phrases, they stick with us!

A few obvious distractions are injected into a society by media to get reactions, but it’s all a ruse – it’s a form of trickery preventing us from looking any deeper. Having fallen for the easy route, it feels foolish to admit that we were taken in.

We are consciousness, pure and simple, and once that truly sinks in, we wonder why that fact cannot be accepted. In order to know anything, knowingness or consciousness must first be present.

Know that our foolish self is not what we are, and be free.

When we first lose our stabiliser wheels on our bicycle,
we wobble a little until we get used to free-wheeling.

When we free-wheel,
we know how to manage all the bumps on our path.

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