Don’t Make Meditation Into An Art Form

Don’t make an art form out of spirituality.
That is religion.

Meditation is merely sitting still, quietening the mind through concentration to bring all that inner chatter and judgement to rest. Then clarity and deep peace can ensue.

But that’s not the complete picture. We have to realise what is observing who! It’s consciousness, of course, observing the mind/me.

Meditation is far simpler than we think, and it develops according to the individual’s background.

When we have had enough of misery, we look for the cause, and that is the start of our path to realisation.

Merely taking up meditation and spirituality as a scholastic art form inhibits raw, uncomfortable experience, and no empathy or true compassion will be forthcoming. We have to cut through the crap, and not many like to admit that they have crap in their mind. 😀

When I first took up ‘the spiritual thing’, I just wanted to know what it was all about, and then came the vajras, bells, protection cords, rupas, thangkas, prostrations, mandalas, guru yogas, zazens, loads of ‘advanced’ retreats and temple building … it’s a long list of art forms, and an attitude to go with it … lots of self-conscious attitude, and we’re back in religion again.

In reality, it’s about being aware of awareness, and then realising that we are pure awareness/pure consciousness. We go from duality to non-duality; make some thing into no thing. No form, just essence.

That is what we are, pure and simple.

The more academic we become,
the more we think we know,
and the more we become the form and not the essence.

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