We Can Only Be Happy …

We can only be happy
when we know unhappiness.

The universe is complete in opposites when, in reality, opposites are one.
If we say dark, there must be light.
An object and its reflection cannot be separated.

Happiness is the release from suffering, rather than the excitement of desire. Both lead to more of the same.

If we are happy  our excess of wealth, power, fitness … this is the same as being addicted to or obsessed with alcohol, drugs, gaming, news, entertainment … and therefore being unable to appreciate what we already have. We will always want more, being intoxicated by anticipation.

There are two aspects to life: one is that we want life to be perfect, and the other is seeing that life is already perfect.

The Buddha’s first precept is the admission that we are not happy – in fact, we are suffering. Only then can we look for the cause of that suffering; the self-addiction.

Conditional happiness relies on conditions that we deem to be ‘right’:
this is why we go up and down, and round and round.

Unconditional happiness is what we naturally are:
this is happiness that does not rely on any conditions.

We have been led to believe that happiness is something ‘other’ – the unattainable.

At this present moment in human history when we are totally manipulated and upset, the Dzogchen teachings can function to their full capacity – on fast track!

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