Profound Tibetan Buddhism

Tibetan Buddhism is full of colour, symbolism, deities and elaborations, and can steer us to the ultimate truth of our reality, and that of all phenomena. If one is fortunate, one can receive direct instruction into the nature of mind.

Tibetans lost their country, while the influential world stood by, so Tibetans must maintain their culture and traditions as best they can, and are doing so very well. The Dharma is the most suitable vehicle to achieve this as it is inseparable from Tibetan Buddhism. They need our support.


We can become so enthralled with an elaborate display that we miss the essence – realisation and spontaneous empathy. Modern people are very quick to take up the rituals, but miss the point of practical, personal, empathetic compassion. Tibetan Buddhism is not a new lifestyle and language to adopt; that is for the religious and the academics. Truth is experiential, and comes before language. A tradition is merely a vehicle.

We can support another’s culture, but not wear it like a badge. What we can wear is enthusiastic effulgence/shine. Remember, Tibetan Buddhism is a branch of the earlier Vedic tradition from India, which the Buddha Sakyamuni realised.

We can do the same.
The Buddha wasn’t Buddhist, or Tibetan.

Teachings are wherever we are.
There are Buddhas wherever we are.

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  1. Hi Tony,
    I wonder if you have heard of the “Wisdom of the Masters” podcasts by Buddhist nun Samaneri Jayasāra? I see them as previously almost inaccessible / unknown teachings that are now easily accessible by the masses. They can be found at

    If you have a free few moments to listen in, I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts about it. I feel that, over time, I learned much from them. After all, where else can I sit and have words by the likes of Nisargadatta Maharaj read to me?

    One of my favorites is The Real Peace by Annamalai Swami.

    If you have time. Allen

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