You Are The Secret

All esoteric teachings are about your true reality. They are not about someone else’s reality, not even a Buddha’s. Stories are exoteric, and meant for the many. We are told to look on lamas as Buddhas, but if we think that worshipping someone is going to give us enlightenment, we’re very much mistaken.

A nine-day fire prayer puja is not going to bring peace to the world; this is merely a good wish. Prayer has never, ever brought about world peace. Prayer is a personal wish.

There is no mysterious great secret. There is, however, a mysterious great cover-up 🙂 Students panic, racing all over the place doing long retreats, going mad for ‘holy’ Sanskrit and Tibetan words, building temples, attaching themselves to teachers who will “make them enlightened” = the Maha-Moodies.

‘Secret’ merely means hidden from us.
That secret is that we are pure consciousness

Our true reality is beyond words and epic poems. This mysterious great secret is reading these words right now, without the one-sided bigotry of being involved in how life should be, rather than how it actually is.

Get this straight.
There are doorways = religions.
We pass through the doorway … to go out! 😀

You were already outside.
All esoteric teachings show us what we already know:
you just popped in to check there was nothing more.

If someone suggests there is more,
ask them for proof.

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