Using The Dharma As A Weapon

This happens when we intellectualise the words, and have no experience or understanding of the effect of Mara=demons=ego. Clinging to the words is ego activity. When we lie in ambush with our book learning, it is Mara=demons=ego that is displaying itself. However, Mara is our teacher; Mara is our dark karma.

Tsoknyi Rinpoche 1st:

Don’t wander, don’t wander, place mindfulness on guard;
Along the road of distraction, Mara lies in ambush.
Mara is this mind, clinging to like and dislike;
So look into the essence of this magic, free from dualistic fixation.
Realise that your mind is unfabricated primal purity.
There is no buddha elsewhere; look at your own face.
There is nothing else to search for; rest in your own place.
Non-meditation is spontaneous perfection, so capture the royal seat.”


“How can you take the speck out of your neighbour’s eye
if you can’t take the log out of your own?”

We cannot help someone else overcome their faults if we have not yet overcome our own.

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