‘Intelligent Design’ Versus Nature

Whatever created dinosaurs, they were destroyed by nature.

Nature is greater, therefore, as nature is the creator and destroyer through the natural cycle of the laws of nature.

Whatever ‘intelligent design’ can create, nature can destroy, as everything created is impermanent, and so has no actual reality. The laws of nature are constant, being the formula of attraction, repulsion and inertia. Energy constantly changes and re-forms itself.

Is there anything greater than nature?
Consciousness that perceives nature.

Nature merely reacts to the laws,
while consciousness constantly observes and understands.

Once it is realised that consciousness is emptiness, and that everything created is the nature of emptiness, wisdom arises that transcends the laws of reaction.

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  1. John Aldridge says:

    Hello Tony

    Realizing that I’m just not up to it, I don’t have precise or complete views on ‘ life, the universe and everything ‘. The most intelligent people past and present differ – who is right, are we any the wiser?

    I’ve arrived at my current view ( not for the first time) partly due to dissatisfaction with materialist philosophy and ‘scientism’. Scientists will probably continue to discover the mechanisms of life as they appear to us. As for the fundamental(s) of true reality…!? Personally, I’m of the opinion that the basic mechanism is mathematical arising from a mental realm. Universal Consciousness/ God / Mind-at-Large is beyond definition. I struggle with being dissociated consciousness and why the physical world was required to be formed in the first place. I don’t have a God vs Nature issue as everything is within Universal Mind. I see no reason why natural selection, the laws of nature etc shouldn’t operate as they do. These things are real ( but not true reality). Our senses have evolved to allow us to exist within a specific zone but retaining that link with the spiritual and mental reality.

    I am open to other views, even scientific ones. But we are constantly misled by mainstream science which really does not have the answers to fundamental questions. It’s easy to be drawn into the blind alleys of matter, particles and so on. Do particles even exist? Probably not, more likely to be an effect of the excitation of consciousness, like ripples on water – it’s all water.

    It makes sense to be empathetic to ‘other beings of dissociated consciousness ‘. I hope that the Big Intention is benign but I don’t see a guarantee of this. Human nature is a complex mixture and Free Will operates. The chosen words, deeds and thoughts will imprint on mankind’s psyche and resonate thereon so it will pay us all to bear in mind We reap what we sow.

    I hope you and Kathie are well. John

    • tony says:

      Hello John,

      We each have to uncover the truth within our self. “What asks the question?” Is it mind, or something deeper?

      If we only look outside for answers, we will constantly jump from this to that.

      It is not a matter of looking out there. What is it that is perceiving? That is the question. It can only be consciousness. Anything other is speculation and makes life confusing.

      To ask where space, formulae and truth came from is scholastic hell. They just are.

      Finding contentment in just being, is the relief we seek.

      Sitting quietly and appreciating nature without clinging to it, wisdom arises. We are part nature part wisdom.


    • tony says:

      Hello John,
      What do you mean by Universal Mind?
      Where did you get that from?

      Science and religion is general knowledge. Merely referring to general knowledge, means we do not know, it is borrowed information.

      If we look on Youtube for plumbing advice, it is useful, but it is only when we engage in the pipework that we know how it works.

      Consciousness is the same. We have to realise the truth is consciousness, for without that we wouldn’t know anything.

      We are consciousness.
      Truth is never out there.


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