Evil Nearly Works

Evil uses partial truths to make a lie believable.

So that people would know if the Buddha was telling the truth, he wisely said, “Do not take my word for the truth; see for yourself.”

The Buddha did not invent truth; he merely tested and realised it from previous teachings of non-duality from the Vedanta.

What ‘authorities’ say doesn’t mean it’s totally true.

Authority: from Latin auctor, originator, promoter, author.
We could add words such as instigator, creator, architect …

We have to be careful when condemning exaggerations and elaborations,
as we may become drawn in, and enable them.

The truth is always just in the seeing … full stop!

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3 Responses to EVIL NEARLY WORKS


    Truth and Evil are words with no use. They respond to the “objective” world as objects (that do not exist per se) apart from the seeing eye. We cling to them to support us in lack of any standing ground. In this dire situation we gain some false confidence standing for truth against evil as we perpetrate our hell.Gate, gate, paragate…

    • tony says:

      The Middle Way is a balance between not too tight and not too loose. Tony

    • tony says:

      When we make comments, it says more about our attitude, than the subject in question.
      The middle way is the balance between nihilism (nothing exists), and eternalism (everything is real).

      To say that others’ suffering does not exist shows a lack compassion and empathy. It is through conscious practice that an individual will discover that their suffering is due to an aggrandised self-image.

      There is dark and light in the universe. Non-duality is the realisation that they are a unity.

      If we take an extreme view, this is based on partial misinformation or disinformation, and is exactly why the Buddha said, “Don’t believe my words: see for yourself.”

      We suffer through misunderstanding. Spreading misunderstanding enables evil to thrive.


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