Knowing one is knowing all

 Sometimes we may be caught up in a path that does quite suit our temperament. I know I was!

 Different paths have different approaches: the path I was on went through different aspects of the teachings. Its approach was resting in meditation and finally recognising the view, but I never knew where we were going. It was never clear.

 The teacher then said, “You have every right to change paths.” I did!

 We practise the six paramitas as a guide to our conduct and progress: generosity, patience, discipline, perseverance, concentration and transcendent knowledge (it does take effort remembering them all!).

 You might find Dzogchen a relief. I know I have!

 When Rigpa essence – empty cognisance – was pointed out, compassion can naturally and effortlessly express all the paramitas. At the same time, karma is exhausted.

When we know the nature of everything, which is emptiness, we know everything!



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