The Purpose of this Web Log

The purpose of this blog is to share experiences from teachers and teachings (for which I’m eternally grateful) which can make us unshakeably happy, and therefore compassionate. A happiness that is totally unshakeable. So happy that we’ll wonder why we weren’t happy before! This is not happiness due to fantasy or wishful thinking: it’s the real thing in all circumstances.

If I thought chanting OM MANI PEME HUM would make people happy, I would chant it continuously – which I do (actually, knowing the true meaning of those words would do the trick, but the mind has to be convinced).

There is so much suffering, tension, strife, anger and intolerance in the world that needs to be countered. This can only be done by analysis; analytical meditation. Thinking is good. Thinking a thing out is reason: we are being reasonable. We are able to reason what is the cause of suffering, and that our natural state is happiness. Getting fixated on thought is detrimental, but thinking itself is an essential tool. We can find truth within reason.

If someone is aggressive towards us, we can empathise with their state of mind, and so still remain happy.

Is this happiness there all the time? Yes, but sometimes in the background. It’s like a straight line we traverse; we may wander or wobble from side to side, but we keep crossing and recrossing the happiness line…the guideline…we remember and therefore recognise.

We can only be happy – truly happy – when we have a glimpse of our true nature….when there is just awareness present. Whether the mind is high or low, sharp or dull, fed up or excited, there is still a ‘presence’ of mind. That presence is essence, pure and simple. That is the happiness.

We need a dose of the reminder of happiness every day…make that, every moment!

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  1. daisymae21 says:

    Mmmm…”presence of mind”. Meaning an awareness of awareness. I like that, Tony!
    And I appreciate the reminder that having the ability to understand the actions of others – empathy – can take the sting out when one faces what could be termed combative words or deeds.
    And I agree that the ability to think/reason/analyse/reflect is one of the most wonderful facilities we possess: it takes effort but like everything in life, the more you do it, the easier it becomes. It’s one of the most valuable tools we have against manipulation and the dangers of belief.
    Thanks as ever, Tony

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