When We Over Look, We Overlook!
…and miss the spiritual point.

Jamgon Mipham Rinpoche

…To elaborate or to examine is nothing but adding concepts.
To make effort or to cultivate is only to exhaust oneself.
To focus or to meditate is but a trap of further entanglement.
May these painful fabrications be cut within!

Being beyond thoughts or description, not a thing is seen.
There is, however, nothing extra remaining to be seen.
That is the profound meaning of resolving one’s mind.
May this nature, hard to illustrate, be realised!”…

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  1. marcel says:

    Goodmorning Tony,

    Below a couple of notes, following your recents blog posts:

    The primordal state, or Maha Ati is the end of all paths to enlightenment, the Essence of Mind, and the quintessence of the Fruit: there is no higher realization. Regaining this original ground of being is complicated by Samsara, the illusion that the apparent world of forms is other than oneself, and Nirvana, the concept that to transcend illusion is something to be desired. The primordal state a non-dual state beyond samsara and nirvana.

    Having achieved learned ignorance, one is able to step in and out of this primordal state, akin to the famous alchemical dictum solve et coagula. In tibetan buddhism 2 important practices complete the Maha Ati, beyond the quality of “clarity” found in the initial Mind Class, and the “empty” quality of the secondary Space Class. These practices are known as trekcho, “cutting through” to primal purity, , and thogal, “direct leap” into spontaneous presence.

    Do you mind to elaborate further on these trekcho and thogal practices? Thanks a lot!

    • tony says:

      Good morning Marcel,
      This whole blog is about trekcho – recognising and cutting through concepts.
      Thogal however, is more secret and is only given to students of a certain capacity because they are ready.
      This will depend on a close connection between teacher and student.

      It is said that thogal is to do with visions. Even if we read this text (and I’ve tried) we wouldn’t understand it, as it is self secret. To talk of such things before time, could cause problems for the student and the teacher.

      In practice teachers have so many students that there is no time for a ‘special relationship’. Maybe we just don’t heart about them.

      We do have to bare in mind that certain text are coloured by culture. What some talk of inner winds, energies and channels, others will call neurotransmitters. My teacher Tsoknyi Rinpoche believe this. We can only go as far as our experience allows. Chasing the exotic could drive us crazy…crazier!

      However, through the practice of cutting through concepts, clarity is revealed. If their are ‘visions’ then this can only be seen by virtue of clarity itself.

      We have to accept that we must walk before we can run. And maybe, walking is okay.
      I’ve come to the conclusion that clarity brings enough inspiration and sanity for this lifetime. If we are relaxed, open and prepared maybe certain teaching will come our way. When we are ‘right’ certain teachers come our way.

      Maybe when we can achieve dream yoga, practising while in the dream state, we will naturally recognise these visions that bring teachings. Ultimately all appearance are mind created, reminding us of our true nature – pure consciousness.

      If you want more ‘information’ try Alexander Berzin.


  2. marcel says:

    Thanks a lot Tony!

    While searching for Alexander Berzin and other material on trekcho and thogal, I stumbled upon Keith Dowman, who translated Yeshe Lama’s: “Jigme Lingpa’s Dzogchen Atiyoga Manual”.

    There are some interesting video’s available from Keith on the Internet, for example at 01:40:40:

    Keith: “Look we are not this bunch of confused neuroses and misunderstandings, and half-seen truths… We are actually the buddha nature itself and there is nothing but that!”
    Student: “There is nothing but that..?
    Keith: “There is nothing but that..!”
    Student: “Inescapably..?”
    Keith: “Inescapable…”
    Keith: “That’ s the key! But, Garab Dorge first presept: you must have that experience .., once you have that experience, that’s sufficient and enough! That initiates the snowball; Running down the hill automatically, increasing, and hence the analogy of the familiarization with the nature of mind; Increasing faith; Destruction of any doubt whatsover..!”

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