Spiritual Communication

Religious communication is theory.
Spiritual communication demonstrates evidence of truth.

Through devotional prayer and supplication, which bring to mind the ‘accomplished ones’, we receive blessings of spiritual inspiration. Whether this is in actuality or psychological, it turns our mind towards our own, and everyone else’s, enlightened potential. We then send out this inspiration to all sentient beings as compassionate energy in the form of deeds and words – or even a smile. This compassionate, devotional energy then returns to us in the form of ‘rightness’, and inspires us to pray and supplicate to the ‘accomplished ones’ again, and so forth.

Although this practice sounds like an external event, it is actually what is taking place between our essence and our self identity. That’s where the real communication occurs. Of course, it’s sporadic – that’s why we practise…slowly, slowly, catchee monkey.

This accumulation of merit creates virtue, good fortune and protection – in the sense that the mind remains clear: our physical aspect still has the results of past actions, but with a genuine attitude, the effects can be reduced as we don’t mind so much! 🙂 This has the result of accelerating the process of enlightened potential. The path of a Bodhisattva is the path of the enlightened attitude, realising emptiness and practising non-violence. This includes negative thoughts and words, which is helpful when communicating with others, as it forces us to be more intelligent and compassionate. There is a rightness to it.

This devotion and compassion is
the power of spiritual communication.
Both instances take the ‘me’ out of the equation.

In Tibetan, this is known as the practice of Tonglen – giving and receiving, receiving and giving.

We could call it ‘integrity practice’.
The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.
The state of being whole and undivided.
The condition of being unified or sound in construction.
Internal consistency and lack of corruption.

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