Switching The ‘Light’ On!

Turning the mundane into the supramundane …
Transforming not knowing into knowing …
Changing human awareness into spiritual awareness
Making impure consciousness into pure consciousness …
It’s all the same.
The student becomes the Buddha. God awareness becomes God consciousness.
It’s all the same.

The only problem is staying switched on 😀 The ‘light’ is the clarity; it’s the pure emptiness of the essence of mind, without any contaminates. It’s seeing clearly, for without this truth, nothing would be known.

In the ‘normal’ run of life, consciousness is involved in this and that – the differences – and it’s constantly being distracted. We are always running errands and being busy, to the extent that we hardly even notice being conscious; we are only conscious of something other. This is missing the whole point of life, which is to realise our pure nature of pure consciousness. Why? Because it’s really satisfying, and it answers all questions.

All spiritual practices are only to remind us to switch the ‘light’ on to our true nature of pure consciousness itself. Remembering is the switch to switch. Once we recognise that the switch has taken place, then we can take our busy little finger off the switch! When consciousness is aware of consciousness itself, we have arrived and the ‘light’ is on.

Without this recognition, we will just go round in circles. This applies equally to spiritual practices, when we are trying to be conscious and missing the fact that pure consciousness is already present. That is when the spiritual practices of praying, chanting and meditation become a pointless activity: “The devil makes work for idle hands” (what a misunderstood statement!). The ‘devil’ is our own likes and dislikes:

Idle: Old English īdel ‘empty, useless’, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch ijdel  ‘vain, frivolous, useless’ and German eitel  ‘bare, worthless’.

We’re not used to doing nothing. Isn’t it the case that we feel uncomfortable, and want to fill up our time and space with activity? We have to be ‘doing something’ constantly – and that ‘doing something’ could even be spiritual practices. Could the pride of doing spiritual practices make us arrogant? If we’re not careful, religion – and even spiritual practice – could become the devil’s work. How easy it is to become stuck in the mud.

Just being conscious of consciousness is quite satisfying. It answers all questions. Then whatever turns up is merely an experience; wet, dry, sunny, cloudy, flowers, no flowers, slugs, bees, fruit, manure, arguments, opinions … everything goes in cycles!

Merely watching, seeing, recognising, experiencing, realising, being aware that change is taking place or not, is keeping the ‘light’ on.

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