The Difficulty Of Communicating
on a conventional level and on an ultimate level.

We humans are a diverse lot 😀 … but what we do have in common is confusion, and the potential to end that confusion. Being confused, we don’t necessarily even want to communicate – to share.

We sidestep discussing anything meaningful as if it’s a no-go area. If we see everything as black and white, we will remain divided. Being divided, we panic and feel vulnerable when we hear something different to our chosen programme. Do we react because others sound as partial (incomplete) as we do? Does our self-image feel threatened when we encounter the un-usual? If this is the case, then we are living in fear. A meeting of minds is pretty rare.

Being compassionate doesn’t mean we have to like people, or what they stand for. But here we have a dilemma: do we ignore, or do we share?

The person in front of us may talk nonsense but they have the potential to realise their enlightened nature at some time. Do we want to be instrumental in advancing their progress, or delaying it? And here comes the second dilemma: knowing which is which. Our wish to help others escape their suffering could actually have the opposite effect. We have to tread carefully, and assess our choice of responses, depending upon our knowledge and capacity: whatever arises in our mind is karmically produced and may be either knowledge or biased opinion.

It all comes down to our motivation to wish to communicate.

Treading the path of a Bodhisattva, is having an altruistic attitude towards all sentient beings.

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