Psychological Viruses

We are attacked daily by a virus of concepts and chemicals that controls our way of life, so we need antibodies to counter the harm, confusion and suffering caused by this.

Antibodies recognise alien bacteria, viruses and foreign substances – in this case, concepts. The antibody to concepts is recognition.

We have the natural ability to re-cognise, because we already know but have put this knowingness to one side. This knowingness is pure consciousness which was in charge of our minds until we relinquished our authority to others. All media in this samsaric world (samsara – the vicious cycle of existence) is like a virus that infects our mind – and therefore our immune system: we become stressed and run down. Unfortunately, it is we who spread these viruses to others, with our opinions gleaned from doubtful sources.

Our minds need a spring clean! That is the purpose of meditation. It unwinds all the ideas that cling to one another, forming the assemblage that we call ‘me’ and my view of life.

We are natural, pure clarity – the jewel in the mud of concepts. Realise that the mud has no effect on this jewel: the mud merely covers and disguises it. We need wash it off – and that is the purpose of meditation. Once it is clean, just let it shine!

We recognise by remembering. Reading or hearing beneficial words that we respect injects a clarity virus into our mind to sustain our perseverance. We then know why to meditate twice a day, on the doctor’s advice! Doctor: Latin docere ‘to teach’.

In meditation, we are immune to influences.
We are then ready for service.

Immune: protected, not affected or influenced by something.

Let’s hope this goes viral!

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  1. Ben Naga says:

    Yes, let’s. 🙂

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