An Inconvenient Truth About Convenience

Convenience: the state of being able to proceed with something without difficulty.
From Latin ‘convenientia’: assembling, agreeing.

Convenience is the modern way of life; we are fed easy ways of doing things and these conveniences become a necessity on which we rely. The more we give in to convenience, the more we become part of the machinery (and in steps the RFID micro-chip!).

Insidious ideas creep into our lives over generations, and we lose sight of normality. This is how others’ ideas become ours.

What is normal, and how do we get back to it? ‘Normal’ derives from the Latin ‘normalis’, from norma: ‘a carpenter’s square’. Deviate from a right angle and it is no longer accurate.

Likewise, the normal nature of consciousness is pure and uncontaminated. Deviate from that and it becomes impure and contaminated. We are pure perception, pure consciousness, clear vision. When this pure consciousness is attracted to something, it loses sight of its normal state.

We are fed ideas so that our minds have become a convenience store, full of easy, pre-prepared concepts without substance.

We do not need others to run our life for their convenience: we have the natural ability to know what is beneficial and what is not, for our human and spiritual welfare.

The result of ignorance is confusion.
In essence, we have never been confused:
we just ignored our knowing.

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