The ‘Very Advanced’ Practice Of One Taste

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I don’t know about you, but I was led to believe that “one taste” meant that a realised person had acquired supernatural powers and so, for them, there would be no difference between eating glass or cheese. I thought that meant that both could be easily digested because the practitioner realised the illusion of all things. A slight misunderstanding on my part … but one that was never demystified. For me, this misunderstanding was attached to everything Tibetan, and so it was all a mystery (and a bit of a carrot in front of the donkey!).

The ‘very advanced’ practice of one taste is simple.

In the very moment of tasting, seeing, smelling, touching, hearing, there is one pure experience of … just experiencing. There is no me (experiencer) and no memory or judgement (thing experienced). There is just experience. In that moment, one is not bothered whether something is hot or cold, sweet or sour: there is just taste before any personal preference, which comes a milli-moment later.

The very moment after pure experience, we then give a name to that experience – which is pragmatic, as we don’t need to swallow glass, and shouldn’t put cheese where a window should be.

Of course, if we see ever a miracle that has meaning, then we will know something special has happened. Until then, rely on common sense, insight and clarity. Life is too short to wait around for mysteries, beliefs and fantasies to appear.

And there we have it: all appearances are an illusion.

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