From Not Knowing To Knowing, In A Moment

From ignoring to realising, in a moment.

We are usually too occupied and busy to realise our true reality, the source of absolute truth. When we stop being occupied for a moment, we fall into vacancy, a state of not knowing. There is a moment of subtle confusion, and we become disorientated as the ‘usual’ has stopped. It is here when we look for something to occupy us, or turn something on. If this knowingness is unnoticed, we remain confused. If, however, we just observe this moment of vacancy, we become aware that there is an awareness present: when pointed out, we realise that this is a pure knowingness which has always been there.

This is the turning point. When this observation is acknowledged, we realise that we are not confused at all, and that there never was any confusion. Previously, we fell into the trap of believing in the importance of everyone else’s ‘importance’ and, because we want to be important too, we focus on being something, and pay to stay busy. The empty moment – or shunyata – usually goes unnoticed because we have been primed to keep doing something, to be engaged.

We constantly switch our self on, and watch our self go – whereas the moment of awareness is switching our self off.

Realisation is where absolute reality detaches from relative reality. Once this is in full working order, the relative becomes synonymous with absolute reality. They are now inseparable, and the reflection of the relative in the absolute becomes an instant reminder. We are no longer carried away. This unity is the essence of all ancient teachings; it’s our reality! The teaching of Shiva means, “That which is not”. Wasn’t that simple? No elaboration required; no money changes hands; no meditation necessary. Just honest realisation.

Meditation is no big deal. Making it a big deal will have the opposite effect, as we stick to doing something. The whole point of meditation is realisation. When realisation takes place, all techniques drop away. In this realisation, there is no unhappiness, no indifference, and therefore we find we are happy, and this happiness does not rely on conditions. It’s our natural state.

If we still want Togyal – the ‘leaping over’ by the dissolving of the bodily elements into a rainbow body leaving only teeth and nails – then we cannot be the person we think we are. Until we have that capacity (which is truly rare), we should just be happy to be facing in the right direction, looking out, while knowing that that which is looking out comes from within in. 😀

We switch off the dark of occupancy, to switch on the light of clarity.

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