What We Don’t Know Rules Us

We all want to know things that we think we don’t know, believing that this gives meaning to life! The enchantment of belief feeds our longing for purpose. This puts us in a inferior position where we feel that we never know enough, and opens up the path to suspicion, superstition, sentimentality, and theory, thus binding us. Belief is expensive; knowing is free.

All we need to recognise is that we know already; there is knowingness present before the contamination of speculation. Pure knowingness is clarity. It is the primordial state of mind and of essence.

Truth does not put doubt in the mind. The word Bud-dha means ‘beyond intellect’. This doesn’t mean that truth is unknowable; it refers to the realisation of knowingness itself, beyond the intellect of knowing something. When it is suggested that there are things we do not know, this merely keeps us in the realm of concepts and so, we are subject to doubt. We do not worship the Buddha – or any teacher – but merely acknowledge our own Buddha nature, beyond intellect.

We do know. We are pure knowingness itself; pure awareness, pure consciousness, pure clarity … pure compassion. And yet, we think we don’t know. When we stop running after the exotic and take time just to be, we will have arrived. Just be cooking, shopping, working, cleaning, sitting with others, enjoying the aches and pains of the present moment. It’s all natural. In all ways, be happy, even though governments, commerce and religions may be running amuck! 😀

We are knowing beings without a programme. Now, that’s freedom. We can take part in others’ programmes, while remembering that we can leave the stage and take the ‘make-up’ off at any time.

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