Never Trust A Buddha


Gautama Buddha said, “Don’t trust me; test the teaching for yourself.” That is the most advanced teaching on truth. We will never actually know anything unless we experience it, as whatever we think we know is merely a belief that we just accept as being true.

The same goes for every ancient and contemporary teacher – we don’t take their word for it. We do not worship them, as this puts a distance between us, giving rise to a feeling of the haves and the have nots. We all have. We are all pure consciousness beyond intellect.

There have been thousands of years of teachings from many traditions on this planet, and they all come down to one point – our true nature of the natural clarity of consciousness that is aware. This fact cannot be over-stated.

It is the Age of Psychological Data Mining. When we are connected, everything we do, say, type, look at, creates a profile that is compiled by AI super-computers. We may think that, if we are doing the ‘right’ thing, why bother about all this – but doing the ‘right’ thing entails conforming to standards set by social engineers whom we naively trust to be right and do the right thing. This is why we have to be fully aware: nothing is free, except pure consciousness.

It is pure consciousness that sees all that goes on. If consciousness is contaminated and therefore impure, it will not see the big picture.

We are unique beings with unique qualities, but at the same time, we’re nothing special, as everyone has the potential to become a Buddha. We only have to realise this and sustain that view – and this is the big picture.

We shouldn’t even trust our self, as that has been contaminated, being a mind-construct full of subtle trauma of hopes and fears, tunes, images, thoughts, sentimentalities and vulnerabilities. We can, however, trust that which re-cognises all that appears. That never changes.

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