On Finding Nothing, We Have Arrived

When we look for our mind and a self, nothing is found.
All that is left is empty awareness.
This is such a simple realisation that it is unbelievable!
We have found what remains…pure is-ness.

First look. Then see. In that moment, realise.

Looking is questioning.
If we think we know, then we are stuck with an answer.

Having arrived isn’t enough.
We now have to recognise and eliminate
the habitual mental residue that now serves as a reminder
of what remains in our minds.

Never feel guilty:
the life we lead comes from the residue of a wounded mind.
Awareness of this is the start of healing.

We can always go back to applying
a social sticking plaster to cover up the wounds,
but that is what created the wounds in the first place.

Once we arrive at pure awareness,
it’s about “Stayin’ Arrived!”


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