How To Heal The World Of Evil

Don’t be part of the spin,
the exaggerations, and the deceptions.

We may think that we are just listening to the news. First, news comes from chosen ‘experts’ and then politicians put their spin on it; this is expressed through the spin of selected mainstream media, and then social media runs with these stories, and we in turn add our spin and take sides. News is information about current events, but current events have a past and current events create our future news. News just a psychological meme meant to be passed around society.

Is all news fake?


Spin is a form of propaganda, achieved through knowingly providing a biased interpretation of an event to influence public opinion, using tactics aimed to shape ideas in society.

Overt and covert spin tactics:

Overt refers to standard public relations tactics, such as writing press releases, staging events, giving speeches and appearing in the media. 

Covert, on the other hand, refers to a range of cynical techniques to manage information – these are the more malign tactics most people associate with “spin”.

The list below contains tactics employed in a bid to exert control over the way the news media reports the message:

the leak: these are strategic leaks offered by politicians or their staff to journalists, in exchange for no scrutiny.

the freeze: punishing journalists for negative reporting

the spray: a form of bullying and intimidation, this is another way of punishing journalists for negative coverage.

the drip: the act of keeping favoured reporters on a drip of exclusive information

staying on message: the goal of every public appearance or interview by a politician the constant repetition of the same messages without answering questions

pivoting: this refers to politicians shifting away from a difficult question or issue to the one he or she wants to talk about

the vomit principle: this rule of thumb is widely referred to in political offices. The idea is that if you repeat something so often you feel like vomiting.

playing a dead bat: this refers to not responding to a media inquiry or giving a minimal response in an effort to kill the story

the truth, but not the whole truth: this refers to being selective with what one reveals, sharing only the most beneficial or least damaging information

throwing out the bodies/taking out the garbage: these tactics are used to disclose damaging information under the cover of a major distraction.

get rid of it now: the aim of this tactic is to release all of the damaging information on an issue at one time, so the negative story can be dealt with quickly rather than allowing it to bleed on for weeks in the media.

fire-breaking: setting up or staging a diversion to distract attention away from another issue. examples would be launching a new policy to distract from a negative issue in an attempt to shift the media’s attention

kite-flying: this means testing or floating an idea before making a commitment to announce it

feeding or starving a story: feeding a story means keeping it alive by commenting on it in the media. Starving a story means starving it of oxygen by not commenting on it. The theory being that after a while the media will get bored and move on

keeping out of the media/being a small target: this is a useful tactic if the politician is unpopular and affects the polls, has a controversial portfolio or is an accident-prone poor performer

flying under the radar: this refers to just quietly getting on with things without publicising it

dishing dirt: this is where old claims suddenly emerge publicly before or during an election in an effort to smear someone’s reputation. The “dirt” can come from outside or inside a party. It’s a tactic used to try to destroy someone’s career

dog-whistling: using specific subtle language and messages to target a particular section of the audience

wedging: this tactic involves raising an issue that is popular in the electorate and sensitive to the party you are opposing to “wedge” them in to a difficult position and sow division in the party. 

There is only one reality, and that is the never-changing consciousness that is aware of the daily, ever-changing news in the mind. All ‘news’ distracts and diverts attention, keeping us occupied and addicted. It can also cause division and violence.

Consciousness can read between the lines.
It sees where ‘news’ comes from
and where it is going.

Just watch how we become distracted,
and are taken in.

And we thought we were just reading the news!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately, one can find spiritual groups a little like this.
    Fluffed up. 😀


  2. Ken says:

    There is a heavenly ecstasy in not being moved by stimulus.

    There is no power without submission, to mitigate the mental sabotage of the media simply turn it off, stop submitting/listening/watching to/it, then it has no power over you.

    The media is like a rabid starving mad dog barking at your door. Do you open and feed it? No, you simply ignore it and eventually it must look elsewhere for its meal or fade away. What we ignore fades away, what we give/pay attention (energy) to grows.

    • tony says:

      The hidden agenda still gets through to most people. Its power cannot be ignored.

      When we can read between the lines we can see what is at work and coming our way, and has been for thousands of years.

      Compassion starts when we can empathise with others’ frailties.

      Buddhism is about turning negativity into wisdom.


  3. Anonymous says:

    In seeking the truth we realise that, that truth is consciousness itself,
    for without consciousness nothing would be known.

    Meditation is the vehicle to realise the non-duality of pure consciousness.

    Once realised then all fixations and negative emotions are clearly seen
    and become an instant reminder of our perfect state.
    Our karma becomes our perfect teacher.

    If anyone wishes to discuss concerns feel free to write to:


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