Earth: Dream? Nightmare? Enlightened Potential?

We are born into a world of dreams that create nightmares.
The realisation of these nightmares becomes the potential for enlightenment.

Simply put; we desire, we fear, we suffer, we look for the cause of that suffering. The cause of suffering is our clinging to those dreams about our self identity.

Our work is to transform those dreams and nightmares into enlightenment. How do we do this? There is no requirement to be religious or spiritual: we just need to see clearly that our true reality – which is pure consciousness – is already present and enlightened.

We are only here due to karma, which is our cloud of unknowingness.

This introduces the question of life before birth. We do not know what happens after death: others can tell us things about death, but we do not know.We can, however, infer, and that makes a great difference to the way in which we live.

Both the dream and the nightmare cost the earth.

Enlightenment costs nothing.
The earth should not be exploited by greed.

“We cannot serve both Truth and Mammon.”
Matthew 6.24

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