Realisation and Feeling

Realisation and feeling may not always be in balance: we may sense something, but it doesn’t feel right. We might be too sensitive or too stimulated, or past trauma comes to the surface, bringing up subtle feelings. The term ‘bringing up’ suggests the inner wind rising through the channels in the body, and we feel tension. We might just hear a particular name, and up it comes!

Some of us are slow to react, while for others, reaction is instantaneous. Meditation definitely calms us down, but our character soon comes back into play, and off we go again.

Is this something we have to live with?

Yes … and no. We need to be aware of the state of play of inner energy: we do have the option to bring that energy down to a more balanced level. The more sensitive we become, the more we notice our hackles rising 😀 because we are very alert.

We can take a deep, gentle breath, hold it for a few seconds and exhale, as many times as is necessary. Alternatively, Tumo practice of rapid breathing through the mouth can achieve the same sense of restored balance (there are articles on this blog about these practices – use the Search box at the bottom of the page).

As well as these technical practices, we can also do something quite natural such as singing or chanting, or doing exercise. The same thing happens … the tension dissipates and we feel relaxed afterwards. This is why people tell those who become anxious to “Take a deep breath” as this brings the energy down in the body and we don’t feel so hot-headed.

The things that bring up my inner wind (get my dander up) are injustice and hypocrisy. I just have to live with it. 😀

All I’m saying is, don’t be depressed if you have feelings.
We all do.
We are human!

Logic says, “Feelings pass.”
And all the while, pure being sits and watches.
The more we realise, the more inner peace returns.

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