All We Do 

All we do is forget what we are.
All we need to do is remember what we are.

When we forget what we are and become a who – involved in external matter and reactions that create forgetfulness – we lose the plot by adopting a persona.

We are the first moment of consciousness, pure awareness, mere being,

Mere: from Latin merus, ‘undiluted’. Used to emphasise that the fact of something being present in a situation is enough to influence that situation.

When we realise our true being, we consciously use the karmic persona as a social I, in order to interact with others, while never forgetting what we are. That remembrance influences each situation.

The purpose of all ‘spiritual’ practices and rituals
is to remember what we are,
rather than what we are doing.

The moment we remember, we drop all attachments.

There is nothing convoluted about what we are.
The practicality of this is that we gain insight and wisdom.

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