How Many Know?

How many people know their (our) true nature? Some know about our true nature, but that doesn’t mean they know or experience it: it is still theory.

How would we know that they know? 🙂 Well, first, we’d have to know our true nature to be able to recognise that there was something in their conduct indicating an awakened consciousness.

How often do we meet such a person?

Most people on this planet do not know their true nature, and that they have a reality beyond the conventional. They haven’t a clue what’s going on in this world of manipulation. Everything has a cause, and everything can be made to appear to be an accident.

People are encouraged to be involved in this as opposed to that, always taking sides and never realising that they have lost their true reality for someone else’s translation of reality.

Manipulators who are involved in this and that do not know their true nature, but they do know how easily we become addicted through repetition, and they use this knowledge to get what they want.

Wake up!
Open sesame!
(Sesame seeds splits open when they reach maturity,
and so the phrase relates to unlocking a treasure.)

Knowing that we are being controlled and exploited on all fronts should shock us out of complacency but, unfortunately, it doesn’t. Why not? Because we are so used to suits, uniforms, white coats, and robes making us believe that they know, so we now know.

When we realise our true reality,
no one can pull the wool over our eyes ever again.

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